Digital Leadership research portfolio

I collaborate with practitioners, leaders, and students on the topic of digital leadership.


Digital Leadership research portfolio

I collaborate with practitioners, leaders, and students on the topic of digital leadership.


by raluca

Workshops and conferences for leaders:

  • Talk: Leadership and Communication in the digital age. Event: Trends and Visions. March, 2019. Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Talk: Digital Leadership and future research. Event: Innovation for Leadership Conference. September, 2018. Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Talk: Transformative leadership. Event: Transformative Leadership and Disruptive Innovation Workshop. April, 2018. Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Workshop: Digital Leadership Toolbox. Event: Digital Leadership and Communication Workshop. September, 2017. Copenhagen, Denmark

Want to put leadership on your agenda?

As a researcher with improvisation comedy training and a deep passion for leadership, I deliver inspiring keynotes and workshops with a focus on moving the audience towards action.

Academic conferences with paper presentation:

  • The 41st Information Systems Research Conference in Scandinavia (IRIS41), Århus, Denmark 2018
  • 8th Midterm Conference of the ESA Sociology of Emotions Research Network (RN11), Edinburgh, 2018

You can adopt me as a researcher

As part of my research, I am looking for a few companies where I could come in and spend a week or two being part of a team, observing, and interviewing. (Jeg kan også dansk).

I’m very flexible about the setup, and we set the frame together. Your data is anonymous and the only purpose is research. My focus is on leadership, communication, and work.

What’s in it for you? You get an expert to be part of your team for one week, who can help you improve and reflect upon your collaboration, communication, and leadership.

Collaborate with academia

Let’s create and advance leadership as a body of knowledge together. You get the on-the-site knowledge, I get to write about it. We get to create something meaningful and beneficial together.

Academic papers written so far

  • Stana, R., Harder Fischer, L., Nicolajsen, H.,W., (2018) (forthcoming) Review for future research in digital leadership
  • Stana, R., Richter, A., Trier, M., Nicolajsen, H.,W., (2017) (forthcoming) Digital Leadership practices: A social intelligence perspective
  • Stana, R. (2018) (forthcoming). Micro politics and emotions in digital leadership and communication

Want to collaborate?

I am currently working on a literature review project, and on gathering more empirical data. Do you have a similar research interest? Get in touch and let’s discuss more.

Teaching portfolio

  • Lecture: “Digital Leadership and Social Intelligence”, Course: IT-Ledelse og IT-organisationens rolle, Level: Executive, IT University of Copenhagen, September 2018;
  • Lecture: “Digital Leadership and Governance”, Course: Digital Governance, Management, and Accountability, Level: Graduate, IT University of Copenhagen, April 2018;
  • Lecture: “Digital Leadership and Enterprise Systems”, Course: Enterprise Systems and Information Management, Level: Undergraduate, IT University of Copenhagen, October, 2017;
  • Teaching assistant, Course: Digital Change Management, Level: Graduate; Autumn 2018;
  • Teaching assistant, Course: Navigating Complexity: Mapping vizualization and decision-making, Level: Graduate, Autumn 2016.

You can read more about my teaching philosophy here.

Add leadership as a topic in your course

Want to add a lecture or more about important aspects of leadership in your course? Leadership is one of the most important criteria when it comes to any organizational change. I like to teach on the topic and align it with the course objectives.

Theses supervised so far

  • Project: The impact and management of technostress, Level: Graduate, Autumn 2018;
  • Project: Effective Digital Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, Level: Graduate, Spring 2018.

Do you have a related thesis topic?

I supervise a limited number of theses projects that are closely related to my own research interest.

I collaborate with press

Are you sitting with an article related to digital leadership and communication? I’m happy to collaborate, be it with research insights, or referring you to other academic articles or peers. Let’s spread the word about digital leadership together.

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