by raluca
Technostress, Obligation, and Leadership researcher

Technostress research

Our lives are busier than ever. We can work anywhere, anytime, but what are the consequences?

In Denmark, one in four employees are experiencing high levels of stress. Despite much technostress research, technostress is yet not part of the debate.

In my research, I show how technostress should be a societal responsibility, and how our co-constructed work obligations are contributing to technostress.

Below, I present a brief timeline of technostress research.

Technostress Research Timeline

Sociological Technostress

How do our work obligations contribute to technostress

My research explores how technostress is co-constructed in the workplace as a result of our spoken and/or hidden expectations

Neurophysiological Technostress

First study measuring cortisol in technostress research

Riedl, R., Kindermann, H., Auinger, A., & Javor, A. (2012). Technostress from a neurobiological perspective. Business & Information Systems Engineering4(2), 61-69.

Psychological Technostress

Technostress creators are articulated

Ragu-Nathan, T. S., Tarafdar, M., Ragu-Nathan, B. S., & Tu, Q. (2008). The consequences of technostress for end users in organizations: Conceptual development and empirical validation. Information systems research19(4), 417-433.


First technostress definition by PhD Craig Brod

Introduction of information systems in modern workplaces
Raluca Stana

Scientist, Assistant Professor, Roskilde University

Technostress, Obligation, and Leadership Researcher within

Information Systems

Recently published:

  • Stana, R. (2021). Revealing the work obligations that lead to ICT-related technostress in the digital workplace. PhD Dissertation, IT University of Copenhagen. Link her.
  • Stana, R., Nicolajsen, H., W., (2020). Sociological mechanisms behind ICT related technostress in the workplace, In: Information Technology in Organisations and Societies: Multidisciplinary Perspectives from AI to Technostress, Emerald Group Publishing. Link here.
  • Stana, R., Nicolajsen, H., W., (2020). A cautionary tale: How co-constructed work obligations lead to ICT-related technostress. Proceedings of 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS). Link here.
  • Stana, R., Nicolajsen, H., W., (2020). People on the other side are waiting: work obligations and shame in ICT-related Technostress. Proceedings of IRIS43/SCIS11 – Digitalization in times of transition. Link here.
  • Stana, R., (2020).Between an online Friday bar and efficient work – A life narrative of obligation and technostress in organizations. IFIP – Paper Development Workshop Proceedings: The Future of Digital Work: The Challenge of Inequality: IFIP Joint working conference. Link here.
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